Draig K by Emilio Cigar

The Building Blocks- Wrapper: Colombian Cubanito Maduro
Binder: Unknown
Filler: Honduran, Nicaraguan

Sizes available in this stick are: Corona, Robusto and Toro. The size for this review is the Robusto. MSRP-$9-$10

Drink of choice – Café Bustelo Espresso

Wow. What the hell does all that mean to the consumer? Well, the Colombian Maduro wrapper that is on the Draig K is dark, even in pictures. The first thing you will notice when you grab the cigar (if you can locate them) is the oily nature of the cigar. The first thing that jumped into my head on the consumer side was that $9 seemed relatively borderline for a Corona. Typically a Corona is about a 40-50 minute smoke, but the DraigK burned for a solid hour and 20 minute. That’s great smoke time by any standard, and amazing for a corona! I have smoked all three sizes of this cigar and honestly, and with much pain I must admit that the Robusto was the one I have gone back to time after time. Simple explanation to this is that is what I’m smoking a lot of these days. There is a reason the Robusto size is the best selling size for many brands after all.

In conversations with Nate McIntyre, National Sales Manager of Emilio Cigars, I made the choice not to cut this cigar, but rather pluck the cap and light with a cedar spill. It’s a strange ritual, but I can honestly say that if you have not treated  yourself to this method, you’re selling yourself short on an occasional treat.

The cigar starts off with a very unique flavor. There is an almost citrus and spice combo that comes across at the foot of the cigar that is detected both during the dry draw and once it is lit. The one thing that I will say about this cigar some may get bent about, and it was admitted by Gary Griffith himself, is to let it sit in the dry box for a while. The ones I placed in the dry box consistently burned flawlessly. For a corona to burn without a touch up is a bonus in my book, however the one toro I smoked out of the box needed to be touched up several times. But in the end, that is a very minor detail in my opinion. The big details behind a cigar to me- draw, flavor, good transition- are all present in this cigar. It is not a 1-D experience at all. Starting in the 2/3 of the cigar, the burn issue solves itself and the true pepper starts to come out of the cigar. It’s so slight that it simply adds to the cigar and lasts through the end of the smoke. This cigar, like many others in the Emilio Line, gets even better as it burns.

The Draig K reminds me of one cigar in terms of what may drive some away, or disappoint some buyers. What was at one time a limited release by Tatuaje Cigars and Smoke Inn disappointed some simply by consumer assumption. The Anarchy. Everyone thought that since the name was Anarchy and packed a dark wrapper that it’s got to be a power bomb. When it didn’t deliver this head spinning result, people bitched. Never mind that the Anarchy was a great medium-full cigar. People weren’t vomiting so it had to suck right? Just because this has a Dragon on the band don’t expect it to be a fire breather. This is by far one of the top medium full cigars I have tried in the last 6 months. Will it be in my regular rotation? No. WHAT?!? Well the reason behind that is the limited amount of the wrapper is not allowing for this cigar to be a regular product. This is the Kentucky Basketball Player of the Emilio Line (that means One and Done to non sports fans). If you see these cigars, buy them. Enjoy them now! Don’t save them. Just remember, if you die by accident, all your friends get to smoke your stuff.

Box Worthy- Yes

The Positive- Great cigar. Wonderful and complex through out, constant and well balanced changed from start to finish.

The Negative- The burn without dry boxing. Dry box these cigars for a few days. That’s the only problem at all.

Total burn time- 1:30 “WHAT? For a robusto?” Don’t believe me, seek them out, prove me wrong.

Worth the price- Absolutely

You can follow Gary on Twitter @emiliocigar and Nate @cigarnate Follow these guys! They are great for the cigar world, and good friends.

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  1. Pat pretty well covered this stick perfectly. My review, it was delicious and if you have not yet smoked it, you are missing out! Go buy one, or rather buy a box!