A Year of Age-Crowned Heads Four Kicks

The Crowned Heads Four Kicks-Original Release

Wrapper: Habano Ecuador

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Size: Robusto 5×50

Price: $6.95

I decided that tonight I wanted to smoke something different, I was not sure what, but I didn’t want something that was easy to find.  This led me to do a little exploring in my cabinet humidor.  About a minute into my quest, I realized what I would be smoking this evening.  I found one of my original boxes from the original release of the original shipment of Four Kicks.  Yes, this box was purchased the first day they  were delivered to Uptowns in Nashville by Jon Huber himself.  Now it probably is all Pats fault since he called me about 20 minutes prior to this, and we talked about how we haven’t reviewed any Crowned Heads stuff yet.  They are good people, so I will.

As most of you know, The Crowned Heads, was formed by Jon Huber and Mike Conder formerly of CAO.  When CAO was bought out by General Cigar, these two guys decided to go out and do their own thing.  Now, onto the Four Kicks, the cigar is produce by Ernesto Perez Carrillo (E.P. for short) and was specially blended by Jon and Mike.

Now, for my own experience with these two clowns…yes, I just called them that.  Hold your horses on burning me at the stake for that comment, because Jon, Mike, Pat, and myself have a long history.  I originally met Jon when he was working at CAO, but really got to know him when Crowned Heads was in it’s early stages.  We became friends on Twitter, which led to a few trips to Crowned Heads HQ, and eventually into an odd and awesome friendship.

My trips to Crowned Heads are always enjoyable, because Jon and Mike will have me smoke something, ask my opinions, and then make me guess what it is.  I think they enjoy the confused look on my face, but I am okay with that, I enjoy smoking unreleased cigars!  It all typically begins with a text message that says, “hey what’s up stranger,” which typically means Jon is missing me and I need to make a trip to see him.  We figure out when works best for the two or three of us, and then a final message…”bring vino.”   Mike has a bit more subtle Twitter approach.  “What are you doing?”  He throws in a few well placed insults, and tells me he’ll see me when I get there.  We spend our time sitting there smoking cigars and drinking wine, life does not get much better then friends, great cigars, and good wine.

Enough history, onto the cigar.  Well, this box is what?  A little over a year old?  Let’s take a look at it.  The wrapper is beautiful and has a very nice oily shine to it.  It has darkened some over the course of the year and looks delicious. The Four Kicks band is a classic red and gold band that is possibly one of my favorite bands on the market today.

The flavor profile of this cigar has aged wonderfully.  This cigar features very earthy and woodsy flavors with notes of cedar, light pepper, and a very enjoyable creaminess.  The flavors seem to have gotten a bit stronger over time, and really make this cigar amazing.

The burn on this cigar was perfect.  One thing I have noticed about the quality of the cigars coming out of Crowned Heads is that they are consistent.  They sell the cigars when they are ready, which in turn gives you an almost perfect burn every time.  The ash of this cigar was a whitish gray, that held firm only falling when I ashed the cigar.

This is the part of the review where I typically ask myself if I would buy these by the box, I did, four boxes actually.  Since the original release, I have bought probably four more boxes.  Do I like them?  Duh!  Am I biased because I am friends with them?  Maybe.  Should you buy a new box of Four Kicks?  Yes!  Will I?  Yes, in fact I did the other day.  It is and always has been an awesome cigar, by a great company, headed by awesome people, except Mike Conder, he’s a bit of an ass, sometimes….no, he really is a great guy!

What can you expect out of Crowned Heads in the future?  Well, they have just released the second cigar in their lineup, Headley Grange.  This full-bodied cigar is excellent and worth hunting down.  Also be on the lookout for the Four Kicks Mule Kick, buy a box you will thank me later.

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