“Do you guys ever review something you DON’T Like?”

That’s a question I received the other day in passing and I thought that it would be good to address it here. Over the reviewing times of the two jackasses that write on this blog, we’ve been involved in a Podcast, another blog site and this little project at Keeping Your Man Card. At the other two we received an outpouring of samples that ranged from Dog Rocket to Stellar. In that process, we said some pretty dickheaded things about the products of a few really, really nice people. When we set out to do this blog we didn’t want to be “Those Guys”. Simply put, there are so many cigars on the shelves because there are so many different tastes out there. One man’s White Owl, is another man’s Opus X.

And also behind this little world of cigars sits an entire industry. People that have left a profession to venture out in hopes of producing fine cigars for consumers. And behind those labels, be them the favorites of this blog, or the ones we keep stashed in our Bum Drawer in our respective Vaults of Tobacco Pleasure, sits an industry of workers that feed their families on the products in hand. Be it the sales reps, or the men and women rolling the cigars or the ones picking the tobacco. It is all the same beautiful process.

So if by chance we receive cigars for this blog that we simply don’t like, an email will be sent to our point of contact with the Brand, and we’ll tell them What’s up. Our intention is not to beat down someones work product, or run the risk of taking food off of someone’s table. That’s giving a lot of credit to bloggers, and ┬áthis one in particular, but I, as well as Frank would probably kick ourselves in the ass if we shafted someone on even one cigar sale. So that answers the question. Are Frank and I both assholes in person? Yes. Would we ever knowingly hurt someones business? No. And any blogger that would flat out slam someone without giving due notice to the Brand is simple a needle dick cock bag.

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