Headley Grange Estupendos by The Crowned Heads

You know, this review has really been a long time coming for me. Not that Frank and I exactly get a lot of reads on our little corner of the internet, but hey, if I can write about cigars, I need to write about this one.

A little over a year ago Crowned Heads release Four Kicks, which, at least to me, swept through the cigar world like a storm. I was at Uptown’s Smoke Shop in Nashville the day that the first round of Crowned Heads were hand delivered by Mike and Jon to the shop. It was a pretty cool moment to watch two guys who have been in the Cigar industry so long and witness so many changes sitting there holding boxes of their brand new product ready for the community to judge and hopefully enjoy. I remember sometime later asking Jon “What’s next” and getting a pretty Huber-ish “Bro that’s already getting planned”. That’s one thing I admire about the guys, while they are enjoying success on one release, they are already several steps ahead on something else. Something different, and hopefully something better.

Enter in Headley Grange.

The Building Blocks:

Rolled by EP Carillo at Tabacalera La Alianza S.A.

Features an Ecuadorian Sumatra Wrapper and Nicaraguan Binder and Filler.

The Estupendos size is basically a trunk pressed Robusto Extra ( 5 1/2×52)

The sizes to be released in 2013 are the Eminentes (5 1/3×44), Corona Gorda (5 5/8×46), Hermoso No 4 (5×48) and a Dobles (6 1/8×50)

Now, on to my mindless ramble of a review. When you locate a Headley Grange supply at your local Crowned Heads Retailer http://www.crownedheads.com/crowned-heads-retailers/ (Available for live and fast consumption at Big Star Cigar, Uptown’s Smoke Shop and The Smokey Cigar!) HOPEFULLY the first thing you notice is how cool the presentation of the cigar is. A lot of work went into the box itself, and everything from the construction of the cigar, the box and down to the band simple gives off a very classic Cigar appearance.

When I first smoke the pre release I made a statement to both Jon Huber and Frank that I will stand by here on this post. See, I never buy boxes of cigars. I always fear, and typically do, smoke myself out of a cigar. I will literally burn myself out of the product. But with this cigar, I would certainly pick one up. For those curious, the MSRP is around $220 and they come in boxes of 24

The construction and blend holds up to everything I like about the products made at this factory. They have a very subtle spice complex, they are medium to full bodied in terms of strength and there are absolutely no construction or draw flaws in any of the cigars I have enjoyed from this line. For my palate, I prefer the Headley Grange over the Four Kicks.

The Positive: EP is a Cigar god. He is a living, breathing legend. With this cigar the guys at Crowned Heads and EP made a freaking masterpiece. I’ve read some people that did not agree with my statement, and to those nay sayers, I simple say Go Pound Sand.

The Negative: I understand the reasoning behind the “soft” release of HG, but I will be impatiently waiting to try the other sizes, specifically the  Eminentes.

Would I buy this again? Absolutely. At about $8.50 this cigar is a definite for my regular rotation.

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