La Musa Melete by Emilio Cigar

The La Musa Melete is the second release in the La Musa line from the Emilio Cigars family. La Musa Mousa, formerly known as Grimalkin, has long been a standing favorite in my humidor. Melete was a muse from  Greek mythology, being the Muse of Thought and Meditation. The name alone, along with the new bands for this series are certainly fitting to one another.

At the time of this writing, very little information has been released on the blend or MSRP. If I were a betting man, I would put this right along the $7-$8 range starting off. The available sizes will be robusto, toro, torpedo, corona and lancero. Yes. A lancero. I am STOKED!

As is customary with Emilio products, the cigar is extremely well constructed. In several of the brands releases, I have picked up some spice notes on the pre light draw, but this one continuously had a very strong “earthy” smell.

Unlike the Mousa/Grimalkin this cigar does not pack a ton of spice. To me it has a very smooth, full bodied profile through the first half of the cigar. The second half will certainly satisfy the fans of a slight pepper taste, but it never goes above being a side show to the well balanced masterpiece it is.

I know, I used the word masterpiece to describe a cigar. But anyone that has spent any time around Gary will totally understand how much overwhelming knowledge he has for tobacco and the need to produce a great product. “Tobacco drives the process” is a statement that I’ve heard from both Nate and Gary over the last year. The non fancy version of that statement I have heard from both of them when I asked about the Melete as well as the Carpe Noctum has been “It’s ready when it’s ready” usually followed by some slight knock at my expense. I can say that if the other releases in this Release as well as the new products coming from Emilio are anywhere near this good, there are nothing but great things in store for this brand.

The Positives: Like most releases from Emilio, the Melete will not disappoint. It is a well balanced cigar that certainly will hit the market when the tobacco is ready. There will not be a need to “dry box” or “let it sit” when it comes to this cigar. I’m not certain how long Gary actually had these in the states before the sample was sent to me for review, but it required no touch ups, no dry boxing and was perfect from start to finish.

The Negative: Gary made a lancero. This is not bad for the regular consumer, but this is bad for me. Like a child in Oliver Twist asking for more, every time a new product is released I ask “Corona? Lancero?” and now I got it. Now, I have nothing to bitch at Gary about.

Bottom Line: The Emilio Cigar family put out another great product that fits my personal profile. Ideally, this would not be a cigar for the first time smoker, however, for the ones moving into a more medium to full bodied range, this will certainly be a great product to jump in with. I intend to keep several of these on hand for the post Holiday meal smoke for myself and friends that drop by during the festivities. More than anything, I am looking forward to the release of the corona size and lancero, so be looking for reviews on those products as they hit the shelves.


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  1. Thank you sir for your, as usual, honest and straightforward review.