Not Cigar Related, but a Holiday Plee

About this time of year it seems everyone gets the idea that a dog would be an excellent gift for someone in their lives. While I consider this to be a pretty great idea on the surface, I would like to remind everyone to please make consideration before bringing a pet of any sort into your home. If you have made these considerations and feel you have the additional finances to support a pet properly, as well as the amount of time it takes to properly treat a dog then the rest of this post directly pertains to you.

While there are those that make good judgement calls and look at the expense of owning a dog, I can honestly tell you there are thousands of people that do not. The best case scenario is that most of these dogs are given to a shelter, the worst case to me is that they are systematically ignored. My wife and I fostered dogs through a great program called Agape Animal Rescue here in Nashville for a while, until we found Winnie, or should I say, until I found Winnie. It was at that point close to a year ago that we adopted her into our home. She is the pure breed white lab you see in the picture next to our other rescue Jax.

My point through this post is really this- if you are going to get a dog for someone as a gift, or just want to have one in your life, PLEASE rescue one from a shelter or search an adoption group in your area. You would honestly be shocked at how many pure breed dogs get put to death every year because no one knows they are available.

And for God’s sake, if you ever have to abandon your animal, don’t do it on Craigslist. The things I have seen done to Craigslist dogs would make Michael Vick’s pictures look like something out of a kids coloring book.

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