Manly Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas quickly approaching, we here at Keeping Your Man Card, would like to offer up some simple ideas for manly Christmas gifts.  Let’s face it, dad doesn’t need another tie or another bottle of Old Spice.

Now, there are always going to be some classic go to items in our book.  Some classics are cigars, a nice bottle of whiskey, or a pipe/pipe tobacco.  What else?  In a world full of so many cool items made for the real man, we figured we would scour the Internet to bring you some really cool, and possibly unthought-of of items.  Now, even though we found these companies online, we are big supporters of local and small business.  All of these companies are a small business.

For the man who enjoys a glass of whisky, whether it is a fine bourbon or high-end scotch, we recommend you take a look over at our friends:  They have a number of cool items in their store, but the namesake is the Whiskey Disk, made from soap stone, these disks are cooled, and then put in your drink in place of ice, to chill it, but also prevent it from getting watered down.  I personally own a set of these and use them all the time.

While we are on the topic of alcohol, what about moonshine?  Want to be cool like all of those guys in the movies and music making moonshine?  Clawhammer Supply sells moonshine still kits, all you need to do is assemble it, start making shine, and then send us some!



Another great item for the man with the sandpaper face is an old school shaving set.  With all the buzz going on over old fashioned shaving methods, any man would surely appreciate a gift from:



Duluth Trading is one of my favorite stores.  I get excited every time I receive one of their catalogs in the mail.  Whether it be tools, clothing, or other accoutrements they never cease to amaze me with all of their awesome manly products.  You can check them out at:

Know a guy who wears jewelry?  Manly jewelry?  Why not hook him up with some custom cigar band rings from our good friends at:  This company can take any cigar band and turn it into a ring, available in gold and silver.  Someone send me a Four Kicks one!


Another classic stand by is car parts.  Most guys are car guys, what does he have in the garage?  Whether it is a classic muscle car, modern day sports car, or off-road Jeep, car parts always make solid Christmas gifts.


These are just some quick ideas to hopefully  make some guys Christmas better.  We hope this helps in some small way.  Hey, you could always do what I do and wish for Santa to leave me her!  Merry Christmas!


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