Pat’s Top 10 of 2012

Seems this year just got started and here we are at the end! This year was really tough for me to write. Not only were there so many cigars to hit the market, but there were many I did not get a chance to even try. I smoke primarily boutique cigars, really not by design or intent, but it is typically what I am drawn toward. With that said I did enjoy some GREAT cigars from some older names, particularly the La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva by Ashton.

But for me this list reflects my own personal taste on the top 10 cigars released this year. So without further rambling, here goes.

#10-La Palina Cigars “Kill Bill” – About two weeks ago I went into Uptown’s in Nashville to meet up with the GM Marcus for a smoke and general BS. When walking around the humidor he snagged one of these and told me I had to buy it and smoke it right there. Holy hell. This 4×40 petit is a powerhouse of great flavor and strength. The only regret I have is that I did not buy more.

#9-La Hermandad by Premier Mundo- This is hands down my favorite cigar Sean produces. If you have not tried it, do yourself a favor and track down a 5 pack. I’ve been really impressed with products made by PDR and in this particular case I think the BrazilIan wrapper sets of this very medium-full cigar.

#8- Tarazona Cigar Classic- I never thought “sweet” would be a word I used to describe a cigar I liked a lot, but damn it fits here. One of the really enjoyable parts about this cigar is the slight sugar undertones. Eddie also supports Pit rescues, which is an area close to both Frank and myself.

#7 Quesada Oktoberfest- I grabbed a few of these from Burns Chattanooga not that long ago. While I am not typically a Dominican smoker, this one blew me away. Really smooth, no burn issues and a great cigar to enjoy with a beer of the same name.

#6  Emilio Melete- the second release in the Musa line from Emillio, this cigar is an improvement on a near perfect product. Like all cigars made by Emillio, the Melete is flawless in construction, packs great favors and is offered in varied vitolas. When this hits the market GO!

#5 CyB by Joya de Nicaragua – this cigar stands as a true testimony to two very talented giants in the cigar industry. I literally went several weeks only smoking these and still keep a few robustos in my humidor as part of my regular rotation.

#4 La Duena by My Father- as the story goes this was Pete Johnson’s blend named for Janny Garcia. My “go to” is the Number 7. To me its just a classic size for a very mellow blend. It is hard to find a cigar that pairs better with strong coffee in the morning or wine at night.

#3 Revere by 262 Cigars- I typically don’t like larger ring gauge cigars or anything boxed pressed, but this blend is so great in the toro that I have looked beyond that and easily left a box of these destroyed in my path. Clint at 262 absolutely hit ever mark on my board for an absolutely great smoke from start to finish.

#2 Draig K by Emilio Cigars- I called this the Kentucky Basketball player of the Emilio brand, and I stand by that. I am a regular Emilio smoker and have several of their offerings in my regular rotation. However, I now throw down the gauntlet and challenge Gary to come up with a cigar more full of flavor, more balanced and more complex than the Draig K. And yes I do this knowing full well Gary will Accept said challenge.

so……What is #1? What cigar stood out for my personal taste more than anything that hit the market? Brace yourself…..


#1 Headley Grange by the Crowned Heads. EP Carillo is a god. Nothing more needs to be said. This blend, size and strength are all perfect for me. I will go so far as to say it may have unseated the Tatuaje J21 as my favorite cigar, period. I am more than anxious to see what Jon Huber  and Governor Conder do at Crowmed Heads in 2013.

So that’s it. Run out and grab some of these fine offerings. And while you’re out, grab some of this years Anejos. Man are they great! Merry Christmas, smoke the revolution, hug a tobacconist and Happy New Year.


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Comments (5)

  1. Damn.

    I only carry 8 of your top 10.

    I’ll get better, I promise.

  2. Who else reads it besides us?

  3. Pat

    Thanks Gary. Hopefully you and the other 2 people that read this blog liked the post!

  4. We are honored to be mentioned among such great company. Congratulations to my friends at Crowned Heads on the #1 spot. A very, very well deserved honor, and an incredibly good cigar that I enjoy with regularity