Ezra Zion Reagan

The funny thing about all cigar smokers is that tastes will often change. For me, it switches between “pepper bombs” and really mild smokes (think Fuente Hemmingway or 858 Sungrowns). For whatever reason lately I’ve been really going for a more classic profile in my cigars, so when I tried the Inception in the smaller ring gauge, it just didn’t do anything for me personally. Was it a good smoke? Yes. Was it packed with flavors? Yes. But I did not feel like writing a review on the cigar would do it any justice. Enter in the Reagan.
The Building Blocks on this are pretty simple.
Wrapper is a 2006 Cuban Seed Sun Grown Habno
Binder: 2006 Cuban Seed
Filler: 2007 Cuban Seed Seco, Viso, and Ligero
The Size I smoked for this review was the President: 54 x 6.75
So what does that mean? It means, faithful two readers of this blog, that the tobacco is all well aged. It also means that this cigar is packed with a relative good balance of filler and a great wrapper.
When I lit the cigar the first thing that entered my mind was a word I used earlier “Classic”. The Reagan fit the majority of the profiles I’ve been looking for in cigars lately- it was relatively mild, well balanced and a simply classic flavor that settled in for the entire smoke. Typically, I get bored with non transitional cigars, but the flavor of this particular blend was so good, that I ended up having to break out a tooth pick to finish it. That’s a remarkable statement considering the overall size of the cigar, but honestly I think it speaks highly coming from someone who primarily smokes a robusto, corona or lancero.
The Bottom Line:
Pros: Great balance, wonderful band art and a truly inspiring story from the entire brand. This cigar kept me interested from start to finish.
Cons: This is a relatively new company, distributed by Emillio Cigars and the only thing that would set anyone back is the price point. If it’s like the Inception, this size should be around $12 MSRP. That’s relatively high, and unfortunately they hit the shelves around the Holiday Season when Anejo’s were on the shelves. My only concern is that someone would not take into consideration the quality of this product, and the tobacco used in order to make it, and pick up a brand they “trust”. I keep a pretty open mind with these things when I have the cash to throw at it, so I would certainly suggest this to people who want a good mild smoke. If you see it on the shelves of your favorite retailer, give it a try.
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  1. Jake

    You have a minor typo – It’s the Ezra Zion Reagan. E before A in Reagan. Otherwise, a great write-up.

    • Gotcha, thanks for pointing that out. Pat blames it on his iPad autocorrect. I’m thinking it is more likely due to bourbon!