The Crowned Heads J.D. Howard Reserve Pre-Release

Crowned Heads J.D. Howard Reserve

Probably one of the best things about living in Nashville is my easy access to Crowned Heads HQ!  Being friends with Jon and Mike is a plus too, but the best part…smoking the new lines before they are released!  Enter the J.D. Howard Reserve.

Wrapper: Brazilian Arapiraca

Binder: Ecuador Sumatra

Filler: Nicaraguan

Sizes: HR46 – 6″ x 46, HR48 – 5″ x 48, HR50 – 5 5/8″ x 50, HR52 – 6″ x 52, HR54 – 5″ x 54

Price: TBD

Release Date: July 2013

J.D. Howard Reserve, now you know there has to be a story behind the name right?  Well, there is, and it’s a pretty good one too.  Jesse James…yep, the outlaw Jesse James.  But wait, how does that relate to J.D. Howard.  Jesse James at one point in his life decided to settle down and changed his name to J.D. Howard.  Where did he settle down you might ask?  Nashville.

On to my favorite part of reviews, the cigar!  The J.D. Howard Reseve is beautiful to look at, the Brazilian wrapper is a mid to dark brown in color with a slight oily sheen to it.  This cigar features an elegantly done triple cap.  There is not any artwork completed for the band as of yet, but I did see some of the inspiration for the artwork. All I will say is that it is going to be a pretty awesome band when it hits the shelves.

Now, the flavor, this cigar is delicious!  Actually the first words out of my mouth to Jon after the first few puffs were “oh shit, this is good.” The J.D. Howard Reserve is a very full flavored smoke that features that unique creaminess that seems to be present throughout all of the Crowned Heads lines.  The moment I lit The J.D. Howard Reserve, I was greeted by a pleasant peppery flavor that maintained throughout the entire cigar.  The cigar also developed a very unique woody flavoring that I could only describe as charred oak barrels that whiskey is aged in.  From start to finish this cigar features some incredible flavor profiles.

Strength wise, this cigar would fall in the medium to full body category.  Actually, if I were to rate it, I would say it falls between a Four Kicks and a Headley Grange!

Construction was perfect on this cigar.  I did have to touch it up once, but I blame that on my big mouth and too much conversation, as well as the fact that these samples just arrived back with Jon from Tabacalera La Alianza in the Dominican Republic.

So, this is a pre release, and that is the biggest downfall.  I want to have them readily available now!  When they are released I will buy a box, I already have Jon and Mike on standby.  Should you try them?  Uh huh, go to your local Crowned Heads cigar supplier and tell them they need to have the J.D. Howard Reserve on order.  Can’t get them in your area?  Email us, and we will find the closest shop in your area for you.  Is it July yet?

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