Additional Thoughts on JD Howard Reserve

Last week Frank posted his review of the JD Howard Reserve by our friends over at Crowned Heads and I felt in necessary to add my thoughts on the cigar in addition to the full review.

When all the planets line up, on a rare day in Nashville I get a chance to spend a few hours talking to Jon and on an even more rare occasion, Mike as well. Shortly before Christmas I went and tried one of the proposed blends, for what at that time was dubbed Project 337. This was shortly after both Frank and I named the Headley Grange Cigar of the Year on our separate Top 10 Lists, and to be honest I was excited to hear what had been cooking at CHHQ over several months since I last saw the guys. The version of project 337 that I smoked that day was great, but I left telling Jon that I still preferred the Headley Grange. Fast forward a month and some change, another Mike-less visit to the HQ, and Jon fresh back from Tabacalera La Alianza in the Dominican Republic. When I arrived, Frank had already sparked up what was announced as the JD Howard Reserve earlier that day by CA. When Jon asked what I wanted to smoke, I originally told him I wanted one of the new sizes of Headley. I was, however, quickly convinced otherwise.

The new JD Howard Reserve stands apart from the other releases from Crowned Heads. While both the Four Kicks, and obviously Headley Grange are in my regular rotation of cigars, the new blend actually took it one step further. The one thing I love about this company, and really anything produced by Tabacalera La Alianza is that there are no two cigars like anything else on the market. For the loyal following, this cigar will “round out the wheel” so to speak. The cigar maintained a great spice and flavor from start to finish, and if you want me to pin down a flavor note, I was amazed that it reminded me of a really good, charred oak very similar to a good bourbon. Yeah. That’s right. I just went full blogger hint notes.

I feel this cigar will bring over fans to the line that have yet to try anything from the Crowned Heads once the brand is released at this years IPCPR in Vegas. If you want to know a brand to watch, and more particular a cigar to watch, check out the release of all sizes of Headley Grange in March/April as well as the release of the JD Howard in all sizes in July.

Also, if you read this and one of your retailers does NOT offer products by Crowned Heads  OR if you want to bug the latest addition to the Crowned Heads please jump on Twitter and follow @cigarwes.

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