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Every once in awhile we like to do reviews on places, store, etc.  Today I’d like to take a moment to talk about a company called Portland General Store.  Portland General Store focuses on skin care and high end shaving products for men.

I discovered Portland General Store on Twitter of all places, I guess that goes to show you that social media is the way of the future.  I found their Twitter account which was followed by a trip to their website to check out all of the neat “old school” shaving products they have.  I shave daily with either a straight razor or a safety razor, so this stuff was right up my alley.  I was amazed by all of the products they had to offer; from shave soaps, to bar soap, to aftershave, to cologne, to beard oil.  Yes, that is right, beard oil!

I sent them a message via Twitter later that day letting them know that I thought they had a very cool thing going and I would like to get some more information.  I received a message back that said, “why don’t we send you some products to review.”  Awesome!

The day the package of goodies arrived happened to be a day where I was working on some old cars.  Needless to say when I arrived home I was dirty and covered in grease from head to toe.  First product to bust out, Face Bomb!

Now Face Bomb, is essentially mud, but mud that cleans.  It works great and leaves your face feeling clean and refreshed.

PGS Face Bomb

-Here is the official description courtesy of Portland General Store:  “FACE BOMB is an all-time PGS favorite. The all-natural, deep cleansing mud is simply the most amazing facial scrub that we’ve ever used. Great for all skin types, FACE BOMB includes rhassoul mud, a natural clay that’s mineral-rich and anti-bacterial. Hand-blended into the mud is sandalwood essential oil, hydrosol of wild geranium and Damascus rose (floral waters), and finely ground walnut shells for gentle exfoliation. The fragrant clay concoction is nourishing to the face and provides a rustic and natural cleansing experience.”

Another product they sent for us to review was, Alpine Shave Jelly with White Pine.  First of all, this just smells manly when you crack open the jar.  Menthol and pine smells fill the air and open up your face when you apply this product.  This product is excellent for those that use straight razors or safety razors and want a slick shaving surface.  I will also mention that after a week of using Alpine Shave Jelly with White Pine, my face is incredibly softer, which scores me extra points with the ladies.

PGS Alpine

-Check out Portland General Stores description of this product: “Inspired by the Maine woods and summer dips into cool lakes, our all-natural jelly formula is ultra-luxurious and refreshing. ALPINE is a best-in-class glide for men looking for the closest and most comfortable shave. Enriched with aloe vera, fruit extracts, and oils to soothe and calm the skin, the PGS favorite is a non-foaming jelly that’s generously scented with white pine, wild mint and citrus.”

The next product they sent us to try is a shave cream called, Racer.  This product is more of a traditional non-foaming shave cream that comes in a jar.  It is, creamy…  Now I have to say the best thing I can tell you about this product is that the ladies love it.  A lady that works with me happened to touch my face the morning after I shaved with this product and stated that my face felt “softer than a baby’s bottom.”  Chick points scored!

PGS Racer

-Check out Portland General Stores description of Racer: For a fast, super-quality shave on days when you need to shave and go. Our luxurious and non- foaming organic shaving cream is made with aloe vera, shea butter, cocoa butter, and fruit extracts. Applied with hands or a brush in a rich layer of white cream, RACER allows for an incredibly close shave. The natural ingredients leave your skin feeling refreshed and moisturized, with a light-spiced, oriental scent. The only way to beat RACER is to slow down for an old- fashioned wet shave ritual.

Finally, we come to what has to be one of the coolest products anyone has ever sent to us, Whiskey After-Shave Splash.  Yes, I said it, Whiskey after-shave.  Does it get any manlier than this?  I think not.  Packaged in an amber glass bottle, this product looks and smells cool.

PGS WHiskey

-Check out Portland General Stores description of their Whiskey After-Shave Splash: WHISKEY After-Shave Splash with sea minerals bathes the skin with the amazing and nourishing properties of the sea. Made without drying alcohol, our splash is a natural alternative for the post-shave routine, full of enriching and refreshing ingredients—sea kelp extract, blue-green algae, organic aloe vera juice, and tea tree essential oil. Infused with our popular WHISKEY scent, and reminiscent of an ol’ yachtsman relaxing below deck at the end of a long day on the wild ocean, a favorite Scotch in hand. The splash is particularly quenching after a wet shave with WHISKEY Old-Fashioned Wet Soap.

Be sure to check out all of their great products: http://portlandgeneralstore.com/  Also check them out on twitter at: https://twitter.com/PortlandGS

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