Top 10 Cigars of 2013

Top Cigars of 2013


Below you will find my top 10 of 2013.  This is a list of the cigars that I have smoked the most of or really enjoyed.  There are plenty of other great cigars that have been smoked this year, this list consists of 10 that really stood out to me.


10. Ortega Serie D lancero:  The original Serie D was and still is one of my favorite cigars.  The release of the lancero this year was right up my alley and totally blew me away.


9. Drew Estate Nica Rustica:  To say it was one of the most anticipated cigars to come out of Drew Estate this year is an understatement.  The buzz around this cigar was huge, and it definitely did not disappoint.


8. Fuente Casa Cuba:  This is one that shocked me, the price tag is a bit on the higher range, $12-$13, but it is packed full of flavor and simply delicious.


7. Drew Estate UF-13:  The UF-13, I found a box and I bought it before even trying it.  All I can say is I am glad I did.


6. K.A. Kendalls 7-20-4 1847:  I have long been a fan of the K.A. Kendalls 7-20-4 line, the new release of the 7-20-4 1847 is amazing.  I was introduced to it at Uptowns Smoke Shop here in Nashville, and I have been back many times to buy them by the handful.


5. Crowned Heads Headley Grange Drumstick:  Headley Grange kicked ass, then they made it a lancero.  It is almost like they knew I wanted that…


4. Ezra Zion Tantrum:  Another one that surprised me, I liked the previous releases from Ezra Zion, but this little stick is powerhouse of flavor that is simply delicious!


3. Emilio Cigars Draig Cayaquero:  What can I say, the mad scientist of tobacco hit another one out of the park.  The Cayaquero is nothing less than amazing explosion of flavor.


2. Illusione Rothechilde:  Surprisingly, I had not really heard much about this one until Pat told me I needed to try it.  I’m glad he did, because these little sticks kick ass.


1. Crowned Heads J.D. Howard Reserve:  My local boys blowing it out the park!  To say I have smoke a lot of these would be an understatement.  The best thing I can say besides amazing would be that my best friend got married this summer and asked me to bring a box of cigars.  He’s my best friend, we grew up together, nothing but the best would do.  We smoked J.D. Howards that day.


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