Perfecto Cigar Holder Review

Perfecto Cigar Holder

perfecto cigar holder

Price: $20

My experience with the Perfecto Cigar Holder started a few weeks ago when Gary the owner sent me a message on Twitter asking me if I would be interested in reviewing their product. I said I would be happy to give it a try and write up a review for them. Now I will admit that prior to seeing the Perfecto Cigar Holder, I was kind of expecting it to be like all of the other cigar holders on the market. I was happy to discover it was not.

I am not a huge golfer, but I do play on occasion. I believe my line is, “I drink beer, smoke cigars, and attempt to hit the little white ball.” I do own one of the clamp down style holders which is advertised specifically for golf outings. What I noticed was I would stick my cigar on a tee in the ground rather than use the clamp down one because it would undoubtedly ruin the wrapper leaf way before I was finished with the cigar. The Perfecto Cigar Holder solves this problem.

The Perfecto Cigar Holder is designed so that your cigar sits, like it would in an ashtray. The upper ashtray section is then attached to a rugged and adjustable clamp that can damn near mount to anything. The base or feet of the clamp are made from a heavy duty rubber so they will not damage whatever you are attaching it to. So far I have had it attached on a golf cart, the rail of a friends pontoon boat, deck railing, on my patio furniture, and even on my wood privacy fence.

perfecto cigar holder 2

I know what you are thinking, that’s great that it can mount to anything, but it’s plastic it will melt. Not the case, the Perfecto Cigar Holder is formed out of durable nylon that will not melt when the heat of your cigar is applied to it. It will also not melt or deform in direct sun on over 100 degree days. I know this because some moron decided to go play golf that day, and yes that moron was me.

How is the quality? It is pretty good. I can’t say we ever really torture test things here at Keeping Your Man Card, but we rather real world test them. That being said, I dropped an 80 pound bag of concrete on it and it didn’t break or crack and it still functions flawlessly.

Okay, I am convinced it will not damage my cigars and it is a pretty rugged piece, but I smoke big ring gauge cigars, will they fit? You bethcha, the Perfecto Cigar Holder will comfortably hold up to an 80 ring gauge cigar. From petite corona to behemoth 80 ring gauge cigars, you are covered.

All this being said, should you buy it? For $20 it is definitely a worthwhile investment to make for your cigar smoking hobby. A perfect way to keep your cigar intact and safe while out and about without having to keep it in your mouth the whole time.   The Perfecto Cigar Holder gets the Keeping Your Man Card stamp of approval!

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