Crowned Heads-Snake Oil aka Blood Medicine

The Crowned Heads-Snake Oil aka Blood Medicine

Snake Oil

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Size: 5 ½ x 48 Super Corona

Price: Priceless

Acquired: Event only sticks acquired at The Smokey Cigar 2-Brentwood, TN

Before you continue reading, I would like to note that due to trademark issues the name Snake Oil is being changed to Blood Medicine.  In total there were roughly 200 cigars produced with the Snake Oil band.  Blood Medicine which is the exact same cigar will come unbanded.

Snake Oil (Blood Medicine), there are quite a few things that come to mind when I think of those two words. Potions, spells, and voodoo are just a few. What it is generally not, is something you would want to stick in your mouth. (Insert tasteless joke here) What it actually is, is the newest cigar to come out of the crazy minds of the guys over at Crowned Heads. A limited edition event only stick, and I mean limited, and I mean event only. You cannot buy it, I watched a guy try to negotiate with Wes from Crowned Heads for almost an hour. Wes’s response every time was, “buy a box and you get three.” Who the hell wants three? I want boxes of them. I guess I can always take out a mortgage on my house so I can keep buying boxes to get three…

Naturally when I first heard about this, I was intrigued. For some reason, Snake Oil (Blood Medicine) seemed like something I wanted to try. Apparently my sick and twisted mind works that way. As the days counted down to the Crowned Heads event at one of my local shops, The Smokey Cigar 2, my anticipation grew and grew. I showed up early at the event, walked in said hi to Patrick the general manager and to Wes, and bought a box. I then proceeded to fire up a Snake Oil. That weekend I fired up another and as I sit here to write this review, I am firing up my final one. (Insert tear rolling down face)

Smoking Conditions: Evening about 67 degrees.

Looks: The band of this cigar is plain, it is white and simply reads, “Snake Oil” in black letters. The new Blood Medicine sticks will come unbanded. The cigar itself has a medium colored Ecuadorian Habano wrapper with a slight oily sheen to it. The wrapper leaf has the ever slightest bit of toothiness to it along with minimal veining.

Taste: Well damn if they didn’t do it again. This cigar is a straight up home run for Crowned Heads that makes it even worse that this is an event on cigar! Upon lighting this cigar the first tastes that I am picking up on are that of earth, peat, and some white pepper on the back end. A few puffs in and a rich nuttiness has also become present. The flavors of this stick remain consistent and delicious over the remainder of the smoke.   The flavors do somewhat intensify by the end and finish with this cigar being excellent.

Strength: Medium

Burn: Spot on. Even burn with a good amount of white smoke.

Buy it? Considering it isn’t possible to buy these, I will say this; refinance your car, boat, or house. Now take that money and buy a bunch of boxes of other Crowned Heads products at your local shops event, you are going to smoke them anyways. Now if my math is correct, ten boxes of Crowned Heads sticks will land you thirty Snake Oils (Blood Medicines). At the rate I am going I will need to purchase at least thirty three boxes, and maybe I can get them to throw in one extra stick to make an even hundred. Go support your shop at the next Crowned Heads event, support a great craft cigar company that cares about their product and the industry, and smoke yourself some Snake Oil, (Blood Medicine) and tell me you disagree with me. Hell, if you do, just send them to me for proper disposal by fire.

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