Manly Christmas Gift Guide 2015

Manly Christmas Gift Guide 2015

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It’s about that time again when Christmas is right around the corner. Have you run out of ideas for the man in your life? Well sit back, follow along, and you will be sure to find him something he will love this year! Besides, who needs another tie anyways?

*There are always some solid staples that any man can enjoy, cigars and whiskey are two of our favorites.


Have someone who likes to spend his time outdoors?  Camping, hiking, building fires, etc.?  Then you are sure to find something great for them at Duluth Trading.  With tons of awesome products from Free Swingin’ Flannel, to Wild Boar Mocs, to Buck Naked Underwear there are some definite options for the man in your life at Duluth Trading.

buck naked underwear

The Drinker:

We share this gift idea every year, why? Because, it is awesome! Have a connoisseur of whiskey, scotch, or other fine spirits? Well, it is time they try it for themselves with one of the great copper or stainless steel stills available from Clawhammer Supply.  This has long in my opinion, one of the greatest things out there on the market.  The guys at Clawhammer Supply send you a precut copper kit to assemble, after that, time to are some moonshine!

Clawhammer supply still pic

The Gamer:

Let’s face it, the two big game systems available today are the PS4 (which gets our vote) and the XBOX One. If you have a gamer in your life he probably already has his preference of system, why not kick it old school with the Atari Flashback 6. The classic Atari console with two controls and 100 games preloaded to the system will be sure to put a smile on his face. Check out the Atari Flashback 6.

Atari flashback 6


The Groomer:

If your man cares about his looks and likes to keep a clean crisp shave, Lowborn Supply is the place for you. With custom made shaving supplies and more he will surely enjoy anything you find at Lowborn Supply.

Loqborn Supply 2



Lowborn Supply 1


Is your man King of the grill? Is he in his element while he is outside flipping burgers, steak, or chops? Seal the deal and let him know that his meat is always being cooked to perfection with the iDevices iGrill2 Bluetooth Thermometer.

idevices igrill2


Need something for the chef in your family?  Check out the Charcoal Companion Himalayan Salt Plate.

Salt plate

The Coffee Drinker:

Have someone who loves coffee?  Like really loves coffee?  Then you need to check out the Aerobie Aeropress.  For those who like pressed style coffee, the Aeropress is a quick, efficient, and delicious way to make high quality coffee.  Check out the Aerobie Aeropress.


Espresso Connoisseur:

Have an espresso lover in your family?  Need an affordable option to make great espresso?  Well check out The Rok Espresso Maker.  This manual espresso maker has been my go to choice for espresso over the last couple months making delicious silky espresso with a beautiful crema. In the sub $200 category you can’t beat it.  You can find The Rok at many online coffee and espresso outlets, we recommend Whole Latte Love.

Rok espresso maker

The Traveler:

Have someone who travels frequently and can never get a good drink while in the air?  Well fear no more with the W&P Design Carry On Cocktail Kit.  TSA approved, the Carry On Cocktail Kit is great for the traveler who likes to have a drink while scouring the globe.

carry on cocktail kit

The Odor Conscious:

Okay ladies, this one may be more aimed at improving your life, or not. Look, we know we stink most of the time and we are okay with that.  Want us and our spaces to smell better and want to convince us of a better way to do it than your jasmine scented candle?  Time for Man-Cans.  Started a couple years back by a 13 year old boy, he set out to make candles that appealed to men, Fresh Cut Grass, Grandpa’s Pipe, etc.  Best part is, Man-Cans makes their candles in empty soup cans, but they first take that soup and feed the hungry with it.  It’s a good cause and a great way to make your man use a candle, Man-Cans.

man cans grandpas pipe

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