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MBombay KeSara Vintage Reserve Nikka

MBombay KeSara Vintage Reserve Nikka

MBombay KeSaraWrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut

Binder: Ecuadorian

Filler: Dominican and Peruvian

Size: 6 ½ x 46

Price: $12

Acquired: Samples courtesy of MBombay Cigars

Cigars Smoked: 3

Smoking Conditions: Outdoors, early evening approximately 65 degrees.

The latest offering from MBombay Cigars is the new MBombay KeSara Vintage Reserve Nikka. The KeSara Vintage Reserve Nikka has an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper that is aged for nine months in Spanish cedar and Sandalwood coffins. The tobaccos used in this cigar line have all been aged for three years longer than the original KeSara line. The cigar is offered in one vitola, 6 ½ x 46.

We have reviewed the other cigar offerings in the MBombay lines and have always been pleased with the quality and flavor of their cigars. That being said, I was excited to try the Nikka.

MBombay Kesara

Looks: The MBombay KeSara Vintage Reserve Nikka has a smooth Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. The wrapper leaf is a light shade of brown and has small minimal veining. The cigar is finished off on the top with a pig-tailed cap and on the bottom with a closed foot. The band is standard sized and reads MBombay in red set to a floral paisley background and is trimmed in red and gold on the top and bottom. Overall, this is an attractive offering with a classic appearance.

MBombay KeSara Cap


MBombay KeSara Foot

MBombay band

Pre-light: The pre-light aroma and taste was that of hay and grass.

Taste: The most important part of any cigar review should always be the taste. The MBombay KeSara Vintage Reserve Nikka is a full flavored bomb of delicious taste explosion. A few puffs in and my immediate thoughts were, “wow.” The cigar started with a very unique flavor profile with notes of oak and cedar complimented with some raisin flavors. As the cigar developed I detected a nuttiness accompanied by bittersweet cocoa, caramel, and a light leathery note on the back end. The flavor profile of this cigar is deep and consistent providing one of the most enjoyable smokes I have had lately. It finished strong in flavor with the aforementioned flavor notes and I hated to see it end, I think I burnt my fingers with each Nikka I smoked.

Strength: Mild to light medium.

Light and Burn: The light on each of the three cigars I have smoked has been similar using a Xikar single flame torch lighter. The closed foot, in my opinion, made it easier to have an even light. Burn was spot on and perfect on each of the cigars I smoked. Smoke was plentiful and had a pleasant “cigar smoke” aroma.

Buy it? Let me put it this way, they sent me three sticks to review, within a week I smoked all three. It kept being the cigar that I wanted when I opened my humidor. So yes, buy the MBombay KeSara Vintage Reserve Nikka! In fact, buy a box, it is that good. Personally, I would love to set a box back for a year or so and see how this cigar continues to develop. It is amazing now, I can only imagine how magnificent it will become with age.

MBombay KeSara Side

Interested in trying this cigar?  MBombay fully supports brick and mortar shops and does not sell online.  Contact your local B&M and ask them to carry MBombay.

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AJ Fernandez

AJ Fernandez and family to take over distribution

(Miami, Florida) December 7, 2015— A.J. Fernandez Cigars, recognized for creating some of the most acclaimed cigars in the industry, announces that managing partner, Kris Kachaturian will soon retire and shift into an advisory role for the brand. Kachaturian will continue in day to day operations for the time being, to ensure a smooth transition.Kris Kachaturian, former Managing Partner of A.J. Fernandez Cigars stated: “I recognized A.J. as a tobacco prodigy, when I first met him in Nicaragua 10 years ago. I am proud to have worked alongside him, to create the A.J. Fernandez Cigar brand. I now wish to retire from the company, and focus my energy on my family. “

A.J. Fernandez said: “I am truly grateful for Kris’ business partnership, and everything he has contributed to the success of the A.J. Fernandez Cigar brand. While Kris is no longer my business partner, he will continue to be my family and confidant.”

A.J. Fernandez and family will now oversee distribution of the A.J. Fernandez Cigar brand. The U.S. distribution center will also move to a new location at 2695 West 81st Street Hialeah, FL 33016.


A.J. Fernandez Cigars exploded onto the scene with the popular and innovative San Lotano Oval. A.J Fernandez later introduced New World which attained the 2014 Number 1 Cigar of the year by the expert tasting panel at Cigar Journal. A.J. Fernandez recently unveiled his newest creation, Enclave, at the 2015 IPCPR in New Orleans.

About A.J. Fernandez Cigars:

A.J. Fernandez Cigars is based on the rich tradition of the Fernandez cigar legacy. A.J. Fernandez now produces unparalleled, hand-rolled cigars in Estelí, Nicaragua which have garnered numerous top ratings and acclaim from cigar publications and consumers alike. Today A.J. Fernandez continues the family tradition as he oversees production and manages day to day operations in his factory in Estelí.

For more information please visit our new website:

Follow A.J Fernandez Cigars on Social Media here: Facebook: AJ Fernandez Cigars, Instagram: AJFCigars, Twitter: AJFCigars

For media inquiries and interviews, please contact Creativas Group at:

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The MBombay KeSara Blend now has “Vintage Reserve” label

The MBombay KeSara Blend now has “Vintage Reserve” label

MBombay Kesara

Palm Desert, Ca: W ith the Success of the MBombay KeSara blend, Bombay Tobak has decided to take it a step further in providing an even more enriching experience for the cigar smoker… Welcome the KeSara Vintage Reserve “Nikka”! Aside from having the same Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper aged in hybrid Sandalwood/Spanish cedar coffins for up to 9 months, the “Nikka” incorporates a special blend of tobaccos aged 3 years longer than in the original KeSara line.

“Refining the ‘MBombay Experience’ of fine long­aged tobacco blends is what we have done in our Vintage Reserve line of cigars. We want consumers to truly understand our Passion for tobacco.” ~ Mel Shah

Offered in one particular vitola of 6.5” x 46, the “Nikka” is created in a way to provide the discriminating palate with a balance of richness and intensity of flavor, in a perspective unique only to MBombay cigars. Incorporating an Ecuadorian binder, with Dominican & Peruvian filler tobaccos, the “Nikka” can be found at MBombay Retailers throughout the United States with a MSRP of $12.

MBombay has experienced continued Success since this year’s IPCPR Show in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Brand supports its Retailers 100%.. refusing to sell Online, and includes Online

The MBombay KeSara Blend now has “Vintage Reserve” label!

Marketing for their Accounts. With over 108 locations and growing within the U.S., this Brand is sure to be around in the Future! Seek the “MBombay Experience” at

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